All About the Cabinet Q12 Standard

In this blog we’re finally going to answer the question everyone’s been asking. Since Fabuwood launched at the KBIS show in Orlando, we’ve been talking a lot about the Q12 standard.  So, what exactly is Q12?  Simply put, Q12 stands for quality 12.
To break this concept down further, Q12 is a combination of 12 significant standards of quality. But how is this relevant?  With all the choices available today, it’s important to understand the components that make up high quality cabinetry. As a savvy buyer, you need to be aware of what makes a quality cabinet, and what you may be sacrificing if you do not choose a cabinet with the 12 standards that define Q12. 

What to Look for in a Cabinet

Understanding good kitchen cabinet quality, doesn’t have to be a mystery. Once you know what to look for, you’ll be able to tell the quality cabinets from those that appear pleasing on the surface. Learn what it takes to get the quality cabinets you want.
A Q12 cabinet encompasses 12 facets that together create a superior product. Therefore, you should trust your taste, but also make sure all 12 standards are applied throughout production, to guarantee a kitchen that will maintain its beauty and efficiency for years.  

Q1. Quality Sourced Lumber

Carefully selected top-grade lumber, guaranteeing the finest and most dependable kitchen cabinets. Rigorous inspection process assures that only first-class products, free of irregularities leave the plant.

Q2. Pro Touch Techniques

To fully permeate a Q12 assessment, expert finishing methods are required to heavily influence first impressions and assure a lasting finish that is easy to maintain.  Fabuwood’s own pro touch technique uses renowned brands to create a durable simple to clean cabinet that will hold its beauty for years.

Q3. Dovetail Construction

Another important facet of Q12 is the required use of dovetail construction. A process that involves plywood side panels to perfectly interlock with a solid wood face frame through corresponding dovetail grooves.  This highly resilient technique  that Fabuwood introduced to the market guarantees that Q12 cabinet lines are secure, strong, and long-lasting.

Q4. Anti-warp Structures

The anti-warp component involves the use of plywood panels comprised of rigid reinforcement beams.  By applying the beams with a dovetail construction technique to secure all components, Fabuwood meets this standard ensuring a strong, reliable build that is resistant to distortion.

Q5. Wooden Corner Blocks

For a cabinet to receive complete Q12 entitlement, wood must be used to help maintain structural integrity.  To ensure a unified and organic design build, Fabuwood manufactures robust cabinet lines with wooden corner blocks, which keep the purity of an all-wood cohesive construction.

Q6. Solid Back Builds

For superior structural longevity, this Q12 feature requires that the back of a cabinet is constructed from one piece of solid half-inch plywood.  Fabuwood fulfills this standard by manufacturing cabinet backs with a strong and single piece of plywood to ensure durable strength and dimensional stability.

Q7. Flush Fit Frames

In order to be considered Q12 compliant,  a cabinet must have flush inner framers that provide an attractive appearance while giving added dimension to the internal area. Fabuwood’s Q12 lines display prime craftsmanship with their flat surface top and bottom interior planes that result in convenient and practical usage.

Q8. Finished Interiors

Treated and finished cabinet interiors are another significant feature of Q12 as they produce a clear statement of quality and attention to detail.  As opposed to manufacturing with an applied lining, Fabuwood’s vigorous top treatment techniques create a refined and durable design that is free of bubbling, peeling and chipping.

Q9. Soft-Closing Action

Another great characteristic of the Q12 Qualification is the use of compact hinges with built-in, soft-close mechanism.  Fabuwood uses the smooth-running capability  and soft closing action of Blum’s tandem plus blumotion hinges, providing an impeccably gentle and fluid cabinet function.

Q10. Fluid Full-Extension

Cabinets built with smooth full-extension glides guarantee an enhanced running action that maximizes storage to its full capacity and ensures Q12 eligibility.  Fabuwood manufactures Q12 cabinets with Blum’s tandem plus runners and soft-closing technology, precisely utilizing space while also preventing damage and depreciation.

Q11. EZ Level Drawer Fronts

To ensure proper door alignment and function, a Q12 cabinet requires an effortless system utilizing a degree of mechanical precision for installing a perfectly positioned drawer faces. Fabuwood innovates with a unique technique using circular discs that allow for easy 3/8” adjustments in any direction, resulting in a Q12 cabinet that achieves an aesthetically graceful balance.

Q12. Sealed Signature

The final Q12 metric requires a thorough review at each manufacturing stage to ensure the completed product meets the provisions specified in the quality assurance system.  Upon factory exit, a stamp of approval is given to show Fabuwood’s commitment to quality control from the very first level of Q1 to the final Q12 stage, thus guaranteeing a superior and immaculate end product.