Choosing Hardware and Storage Options for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Whether it’s the pullouts that help store our cookware or the pulls and knobs that compliment doors and drawer fronts, hardware/storage elements are the unsung heroes of the kitchen. Knobs and pulls quickly emphasize the style of your kitchen. They’re relatively easy to change
when you want a new look. Options range from round wooden knobs to broad, sleek chrome bars, glass handles, bronze pulls, as well as a host of other styles and finishes. Just be sure that all your choices are equated to the task.



When it comes to drawers, we’ve all struggled to open and a close a drawer while dinner was boiling away on the stove (I know I have). This is why proper drawer glides are critical to an effective kitchen. The bigger the drawer and the heavier its contents, the more crucial it is that the glides are up to the task. Here at Berkut, we use Blum Brand Motion under mount glides. These feature soft-closing mechanisms that prevent the drawer from slamming shut. In regards to storage, your handsome new kitchen won’t make you happy unless there’s a proper place to put everything, so take time to inventory your current kitchen while planning for the new one. Try to specify what you want behind closed doors, and on display. We will do our best to map out where it all will go in the new kitchen and help you choose what types of storage systems. A very useful storage items are pullouts. They can be spaced at intervals to
match their contents heights (best in pantry cabinets). They are great for pots and pans and lids. Pullouts also come in all shapes and sizes. It can be used as a spice rack, a tray divider, and many other options. This can greatly enhance a standard base cabinet’s fixed shelves.

Nowadays, many kitchens are designed with standard Lazy Susan’s for its corners. While it’s timeless storage piece for most L-shaped kitchens, many people are bored with the idea of it, enter the Blind Corner organizer. A three-tier blind corner optimizer. Designed for 15” to 18” door openings, the Blind Corner organizer is perfect for storing pantry items, specialty cookware, and small appliances. By using a blind cabinet to store the item, you get to maximize your kitchen space.


Organization is very important to kitchen functionality and there is nothing worse than a drawer full of utensils and cutlery scattering about. There are many options to help sort this problem out. To start, cutlery dividers has been the must have option for new kitchen remodels for a long time. These days it’s improved quite a bit, I recommend the double tiered cutlery divider because one drawer is never enough for spoons and fork. Now, from dinner plates to plastic containers, your kitchen items are easily accessible and always organized with a pegboard system. This is just a taste of the many storage and hardware options to enhance your kitchen. Schedule an appointment to come into our showroom and I will show you how to truly enhance your new kitchen remodel.