Berkut Inc. specializes in the installation of cabinets, granite , tile, and SpreadRock surfaces. We also have beutifully custom-designed deals like our popular fixed price kitchen (see below) and much more! Contact us today to schedule an estimate on our kitchen and/or bathroom remodeling services!

2019 Fixed Price Kitchen Program


  • With beautiful designs and arrangements, and maximum affordability, these kitchens will allow you to finally get the kitchen you've always dreamed of!

  • The price already includes the installation of both the cabinets and granite and delivery right to your home, meaning you have nothing to worry about!

  • The firm knowledge that your kitchen is being installed only by our own in-house dedicated workforce to ensure that we bring you the highest quality possible!


  • Kitchens are available in four exquisite layouts, and can be modified to fit your vision of a dream kitchen!

  • Everything throughout is can be customized to your particular style and taste, with eight different cabinet colors/styles, four different gorgeous cuts of granite, handles, and even stainless steel sinks! Come see our showroom to get an idea that you might fall in love with!

  • We are determined to bring to you the kitchen you've always wanted at an affordable price, that beyond just changing the design, we will even change around cabinet sizes to make sure that you have the most beautiful kitchen imaginable!

  • See the 4 groups of fixed price kitchens below! All groups include hardware (select handles) and fixtures (i.e. select sinks). They also have a choice of any cabinet door style from Fabuwood.

Group I

  • Fabuwood Value Series, Quest Series, or Geneva Series ( includes install and demolition of existing countertop)

  • Up to 15 cabinets (30” H)

  • Up to 45 square feet of granite ($40/sq. ft)

  • Starting Price: $7080

  • Price with Island included: $8000

Group III

  • Allure Series Cabinets (L/I)

  • Up to 15 cabinets (30” H)

  • Up to 50 square feet of granite ($45/sq. ft)

  • Starting Price: $8780

  • Price with Island included: $9780

Group II

  • Allure Series Cabinets (J/O)

  • Up to 15 cabinets (30” H)

  • Up to 45 square feet of granite ($40/sq. ft)

  • Starting Price: $8080

  • Price with Island included: $9000

Group IV

  • Allure Series Cabinets (K/P/H)

  • Up to 15 cabinets (30” H)

  • Up to 50 square feet of granite ($45/sq. ft)

  • Starting Price: $10,980

  • Price with Island included: $12,180

Upgrade Rules

Change cabinet height to 36”: +12% to price
Change cabinet height to 42”: +17% to price

Upgraded granite and quartz prices over the group price will have the group price deducted from its original price up to group’s max square footage allowed.
Kitchens with coutertops over the designated square footage will be charged full price for each additional square foot.


  • Using only the highest quality granite available with unique and beautiful designs, come check them out at our showroom!

  • Cabinets with a full overlay door panel 3/4" thick, 6-way adjustable Blum hinges (Allure Series, upgrade on value lines), full extension under-mounted soft-close steel concealed drawer glides (Allure Series, upgrade on value lines), and much more!

  • Contact us and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have!

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

All our cabinets are made from high-quality solid wood. We work with a variety of companies ensuring that you can have the type of wood and style that you desire.  Some of these styles include: "Modern," "Classic," and "Eclectic," however there are many more, each with a variety different colors and stains. Examples of our large selection of colors and stains include:


White high -gloss cabinet full overlay door and corresponding drawer front are made up of a 3/4 MDF square slab. The doors are finished a white, high -gloss acrylic polymer composite and matching edge banding.The doors come with a soft-close mechanism, and drawers run on full extension soft-close slides. The cabinets are frame-less construction, and wall cabinets are slightly deeper at 13" with an inside clearance of 12".



These and many more styles, stains, and colors to choose from!

We offer custom-built cabinetry (Woodland, S. Dakota), pre-assembled cabinetry (Fabuwood Cabinetry), and ready-to-assemble cabinetry (imported), making sure our customers have a wide selection of options in order create a unique design for your kitchen or bathroom.

ExQuisite Granite for Kitchen and Bath

Update your kitchen or bathroom with one of our beautiful granite counter tops. Granite is one of the most popular materials used to add flavor to living spaces, and with good reason. Granite is considered one the decorating standards for luxury counter tops. With a glossy finishes, you can also add flair to and brighten up any room. In a bar area, a granite counter top speaks of prestige, creating a luxurious space for you and your friends. Granite counter tops also last far longer than those made of laminates and man-made materials because granite is nearly as hard and durable as diamond. They are also very sanitary since they naturally contain minerals that are resistant to bacteria. When properly sealed, granite surfaces become even more germ-resistant and stains can be easily cleaned off with just some warm water and mild soap. Choose from our wide selection of granite counter tops and create the luxury kitchen or bathroom you've always dreamed off!

Lots of choices of granite!
Even more granite!

These and more to choose from when you visit our showroom!


We use tiles made of granite, creating a beautiful, high-quality floor. Although most commonly used in kitchen and bathroom areas, outdoor areas can also become appealing when granite tile is put in. After we cut the tile to fit your needs, we do not simply throw away the scrap either, but rather use it to beautify areas around your home such as a fireplace, or anything else that suits your needs.

These styles and many more to choose from!


The right sink can make your new kitchen or bathroom truly shine and stand out. Luckily, we have recently begun offering a wide selection of sinks to accent your new kitchen or bathroom. Whether you want something simple or something ornate, whatever you require, we've got it. 

Examples of sinks we offer.